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Lions of Liberty Network

Join us for THREE unique shows every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Marc Clair hosts interviews with leading libertarian minds on Monday's flagship program. Brian McWilliams provides a shot of culture, comedy and liberty every Wednesday with Electric Liberty Land. On Friday John Odermatt exposes injustice in the broken criminal justice system with Felony Friday.

THREE unique shows. ONE podcast feed.

Jun 29, 2020

Marc is joined by Howie, J.B. "Dr. Science" Lubin and Remso W. Martinez to review "Akira" for this month's Nittany-level Patreon produced show! Nittany level producer Michael Worton wanted us to review his favorite anime film, 1988's "Akira", and Marc hand-selected the perfect crew to review the movie in typical drunken...

Jun 26, 2020

On today's episode of Felony Friday Rufus Rochell and Amy Povah join John. Rufus Rochell walked out of FCI Coleman on April 24th of this year. The BOP gave him home confinement, so he is still serving the remainder of his absurd sentence. 

In 1988 Rufus was sentenced to 40 years 8 months for Conspiracy with Intent to...

Jun 24, 2020

On today's Electric Libertyland, Brian gets into the ridiculous hysteria of "noose mania," which falsely revs up the media and politicians every time there is any racial happening. Later Brian gets into #CancelKimmel, Trigger warnings on movies that make no sense, and the tragic killing of an unarmed 18 year old...

Jun 22, 2020

In today's flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc is joined by Russ Morgan and Joey Mure of Wealth Without Wall Street! Russ and Joey have dedicated themselves to helping their listeners become financially independent and to escape the trap of investing all of your money with wall street to build wealth. Russ Joey and...

Jun 19, 2020

On today's show John is joined by Ted Visner. Ted was released from a Michigan state prison on May 7, 2020 after having served 2 years. His sentence was the result of a malicious prosecution. 

Ted was not permitted to meaningfully participate in his defense. The police, by the direction of the prosecutor –...