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Jul 28, 2022

Damon West is a college professor, internationally known keynote speaker and best-selling author. Damon partnered with best-selling author and keynote speaker Jon Gordon to write The Coffee Bean: A simple Lesson to Create Positive Change.

His first book and autobiography, The Change Agent: How a Former College QB...

Jul 27, 2022

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder kicks a violent fan out of a concert. Does the NAP need the promise of retribution to be effective? Namely… fuck around and find out? Hulu pisses off Dems by rejecting some ads and Quidditch playing nerds are up in arms.

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Jul 25, 2022

In this week's Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes back past guest and past debate opponent, the former and future Maine State Senator, Eric Brakey! Eric and Marc discuss their debate on Edward Snowden from last year as well as how neocon Republicans helped to thwart Brakey's bid to become a U.S Congressman in 2020....

Jul 21, 2022

Get ready to check your food labels ladies and gentleman.

You might want to consider what the FDA and Mega corporations have been up to over the past few decades. They didn’t start rigging studies in the last few years, it started long before. It’s time to take the learn the effects that these “approved”...

Jul 20, 2022

On this week’s MADD, Brian recounts his experience working at Sesame Place, which was accused of being “racist,” because a character didn’t hug black kids during a parade. And yes, Brian was once Big Bird at that very park. That plus a new SPLC parody song, and some thoughts on leadership.

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