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Jan 23, 2017

In today’s episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes Scott Horton back to the show to help take a look at the foreign policy team that President (whoa, it’s real now…) Donald Trump has assembled. Scott has been on the show two previous times, is the host of AntiWar Radio, opinion editor at, and is most recently the Managing Director of the Libertarian Institute. 

In the show, you’ll hear:

  • Why Scott co-founded the Libertarian Institute, who else is involved, and what is their mission?
  • What Scott thinks of Rex Tillerson’s potential when it comes to relations with Russia, and why neocons are so obsessed with the framing of Russia as an adversary. 
  • Scott looks at General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, why he is so hawk-ish against Iran, and whether some libertarians are right to be optimistic [...]