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May 25, 2018

On today's episode of Felony Friday, Mishelle O'shasky joins host John Odermatt to discuss her shocking experiences in the criminal justice system. Mishelle spent over twenty-two years tied up in the system in some form or fashion. 

Not until her third incarceration was she able to successfully reintegrate into the community. Peer support and access to services was a major component to her success. Since 2010, Mishelle has worked with individuals who suffer from mental illness and substance use. Mishelle has been a tireless advocate for reentry support and mentoring since her release from prison. 

Due to her lengthy criminal justice stay, Mishelle considers herself a subject matter expert, as she personally experienced the Wisconsin Criminal Justice system. She is now a successful business owner and national advocate for criminal justice policy change and quantitative improvements. Mishelle seeks to increase the quality of life of those directly impacted by mental illness, substance abuse and the criminal justice system.

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