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Aug 31, 2018

Today on Felony Friday Weldon Angelos joins John to share his incredible story! In the 90s Weldon launched a successful music career that brought him nationwide recognition. He founded the rap label Extravagant Records and was considered an “up and coming” entrepreneur in the industry. He wrote and produced songs with many acclaimed artists, including Snoop Dogg.

Then in May and June 2002, Salt Lake City police set up a series of controlled marijuana buys from Weldon. All told a Confidential Informant purchased ½ pound of marijuana from Weldon on two separate occasions. According to the CI a firearm was present on Weldon during both buys. Weldon Angelos was sentenced to a mandatory 55 years in prison for selling a few pounds of marijuana while possessing a firearm – a sentence so extreme that his judge, unable to go below the mandatory minimum, called on the president to commute his sentence.