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May 29, 2020

Today's episode of Felony Friday with Lyn Ulbricht was co-produced by Lions of Liberty Pride member Tyler Colford. At Lions of Liberty we invite our Nittany and above Lions Pride members to assist with producing an episode of one of our shows. You can hear more about Tyler below. 

Lyn Ulbricht returns to Felony Friday for a second time. She was previously on the show back on episode 137. Lyn is a warrior for criminal justice reform and of course she advocates fiercely for the release of her son Ross Ulbricht. Ross was the creator of Silk Road and is serving a life sentence for the non-violent crime of creating a website. Silk road was a place where individuals could freely buy and sell goods using bitcoin. The site did not allow child pornography or stolen goods to be sold and was mostly used for marijuana transactions. The trial was filled with prosecutorial corruption and suppression of evidence. The judge in the case, who is no longer on the bench, gave Ross an incredibly harsh sentence that had no precedence. 

In this episode we talk about how faith has helped Lyn and Ross to navigate this crisis is their lives. And how Ross has been able to find peace, while incarcerated, through gratitude and by forgiving those those who served him with immense injustice.  Please visit to sign the petition and to donate to his legal defense. 

Tyler Colford's, aka Krypto Man, song #FreeRoss which is played during the episode after Lyn's interview is available on Spotify and for purchase on Amazon at this link

Visit Tyler's website.