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Sep 25, 2020

On today's show John is joined by Adam and Ro Clausen. Adam Clausen was sentenced to 213 years in federal prison for Hobbs Act Robbery and 924(c) Use of a Firearm. 213 years and not a soul was was harmed during any of the robberies. Thankfully, after many years of fighting for his freedom, Adam was released this year on compassionate release after serving 20 years. 

Ro was a previous guest on this show back on Episode 179 of this show, where she advocated for Adam's release. She also shared about her YouTube channel called Strong Prison Wives, where she makes videos in relation to being a strong prison wife.

Adam and Ro shared the uncommon and frustrating experience of Adam's last day in prison. The BOP was pathetic and actually made it more difficult for Adam to get out, because he wanted to take the time to make sure he did everything by the book. 

Adam's profile on Cando Clemency