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Feb 4, 2021

On today’s episode Kristy Laschober joins the show. Kristy went from having a thriving business as a wardrobe stylist in Southern California to meth addiction and eventually to prison.

She was born with a medical condition and this led to her becoming addicted to opioids as a child. After nearly 10 years of sobriety and ending a marriage to a police officer, Kristy relapsed. This change in trajectory led Kristy to trying methamphetamine and eventually selling to a Connecticut priest who the media dubbed “Monsignor Meth”.

As a first time offender, she was sentenced to 60 months in federal prison. Kristy did her time in five different facilities including her last two years at the maximum security FMC Carswell in Texas. She was released in 2017 and hit the ground running. She graduated with honors from Southern Oregon University and has become a fierce advocate for prison reform, leading the fight to remove the criminal history box on all college applications in her state and advocating to provide opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals to attend college.

Kristy is a speaker, a Community Resource Director for a non-profit and co-host of an emerging podcast called Survivors of Addiction.