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Lions of Liberty

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Marc Clair hosts interviews with leading libertarian minds on Monday's flagship program. Brian McWilliams provides a shot of culture, comedy and liberty every Wednesday with Electric Liberty Land. On Friday John Odermatt exposes injustice in the broken criminal justice system with Felony Friday.

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Jan 30, 2014

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair is joined by Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine and Brian describes how he first became interested in libertarian ideas, and how he translated that into his journalist career.  Marc and Brian discuss some of the history of the modern libertarian movement as detailed in Brian’s book, “Radicals for Capitalism”, including the events surrounding Murray Rothbard’s split with the CATO Institute.  They then talk about how cities like Los Angeles use the excuse of petty crimes to entrap the poor and homeless, and violate civil liberties.

And of course, stick around for Marc’s thoughts after the interview! [...]