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Lions of Liberty Network

Join us for THREE unique shows every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Marc Clair hosts interviews with leading libertarian minds on Monday's flagship program. Brian McWilliams provides a shot of culture, comedy and liberty every Wednesday with Electric Liberty Land. On Friday John Odermatt exposes injustice in the broken criminal justice system with Felony Friday.

THREE unique shows. ONE podcast feed.

Sep 28, 2018

A VERY hungover Brian breaks down the disappointing debut of South Park's new season, which centered on school shootings, with ol' pal Dan Smotz of The System is Down Podcast. This is a bonus episode from our Patreon Lion's Pride content, so pony up if you want to hear more!

Sep 28, 2018

Today on Felony Friday Mark Pendergrast joins John to discuss memory and to explain the history of Repressed Memory Therapy and explain why it is problematic that the technique is still being used today. This is Mark's second appearance on Felony Friday. You can go back and listen to Episode 47 of this show, which I'll...

Sep 26, 2018

On this week's Electric Libertyland host Brian McWilliams laughs at the U.S. hypocrisy on foreign aggression when spouting rhetoric on Iran to the United Nations, including Nikki Haley's statements following a terrorist attack and President Trump's UN speech. Brian then moves on to discuss the latest allegation against...

Sep 25, 2018

In episode #7 of Candidates of Liberty, Brian interviews Lucy Brenton, who is running for Senate in Indiana for the second time. Lucy is taking on the Democratic incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly as well as GOP candidate Braun. Lucy weighs in on her opinion on SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh and the current allegations, Ending...

Sep 24, 2018

In today's flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc welcomes in Libertarian activist and recently announced Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Kimberly Ruff! Kim breaks down how she became a Libertarian, why she decided to run for the LP POTUS nomination, how she plans to run her campaign, and just what the heck...