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May 27, 2019

In today's flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc is joined by friend of the show, Pete "Mance Rayder" Raymond, the host of Free Man Beyond the Wall.

When I first found Pete and his podcast, I had never seen "Game of Thrones" and didn't fully understand how and why it had inspired the name of his podcast and his former pseudonym. But since then I binged the whole show, and it soon became clear to my why Pete was such a fan! The show conveys - perhaps inadvertently - many libertarian themes via the actions of many of it's prominent characters. When the show approached it's finale, I knew I wanted to do a podcast taking a look at these characters and themes, so of course the first person to come to mind was Pete Raymond! 

Marc and Pete look at a number of the show's prominent characters through a libertarian filter, and break down which characters best display libertarian qualities.

Who will win the Libertarian Game of Thrones? Tune in to find out!

WARNING: If you haven't seen all of "Game of Thrones" and  care at all about spoilers, DO NOT LISTEN to this show past 18:45. But before that, we had a fun chat about the Marxist vs Libertarian debate from last episode, and how life has changed for Pete since he dropped the "Mance Rayder" pseudonym.

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