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Dec 27, 2021

In the final episode of Lions of Liberty of 2021, Marc welcomes back two returning guests - Mikkel Thorup and Michael Strong. These are two of my favorite guests, and are both great entrepreneurs, innovators and libertarians. I was thrilled to have them on to discuss their newest venture they have launched together, the Expat International School. Whether you are looking to become an expat or just want to unplug your kids from the Matrix, the Expat International School is the perfect place to start. And I know from experience - my wife and I enrolled my step son this year and I can say this the Socratic style of learning is nothing like the brainwashing children receive in public schools. So start 2022 right, and get your kids unplugged from the Matrix today!

If your looking to have your child turn into more than a worker bee, check out the Expat International School!

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