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Marc Clair hosts interviews with leading libertarian minds on Monday's flagship program. Brian McWilliams provides a shot of culture, comedy and liberty every Wednesday with Electric Liberty Land. On Friday John Odermatt exposes injustice in the broken criminal justice system with Felony Friday.

THREE unique shows. ONE podcast feed.

Sep 12, 2022

Today’s episode is a solo show! John talks about a topic very near and dear to his heart, how to free yourself from the shackles of the FDA and mega food corporations! You may not realize it, but your palate has been hijacked and it’s being used to exploit you and your family. John shares two shocking studies that...

Sep 1, 2022

Greg Papanicolas is today’s guest on Finding Freedom. Greg is an experienced health and personal transformation coach. He is the founder of Project Sparta, which specializes in online training programs that cater to men and women in their 30-40's who are looking to improve strength and their health through optimized...

Jul 21, 2022

Get ready to check your food labels ladies and gentleman.

You might want to consider what the FDA and Mega corporations have been up to over the past few decades. They didn’t start rigging studies in the last few years, it started long before. It’s time to take the learn the effects that these “approved”...