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Jun 8, 2018

Today on Felony Friday we have two incredible guests. They are both making their 2nd appearance on Felony Friday. These two are back on the show to shine a light on many of the non-violent offenders who are still incarcerated. Now, this episode was recorded before President Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson. During this show, Alice was identified as an individual worthy of clemency. Thankfully, with a final push by Kim Kardashian and the approval of President Trump, Alice Johnson is now free!!!  

Both of the individuals with me today are champions of criminal justice reform and more specifically fighting for clemency for non-violent offenders. We welcome Amy Povah back to the show, Amy appeared on episode 65 of Felony Friday. Amy is the founder of the Can-Do Foundation. CAN-DO is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation that advocates Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders. Amy received a 24 year sentence when she was 28 years old. Her crime essentially was refusing to cooperate with the feds as they were infiltrating her then husbands ecstasy ring. Amy never stopped fighting for her freedom after imprisonment. She attracted the attention of several media outlets, started a massive letter writing campaign, which led seventeen members of the House and Senate to write letters in support of Amy’s clemency. Justice prevailed when Amy was granted clemency on July 7th, 2000.

We are also joined by Malik King. Malik King has been so vital with helping to make the connection with so many of the incredible guests who have shared their story on Felony Friday. Malik King is the Prison Outreach Coordinator for the Can-Do foundation. Malik appeared on episode 67 of Felony Friday. Malik is a Prisoner Activist and advocate who opposes mandatory minimums, cruel and unusual punishment and torture, including solitary confinement or draconian sentences that do not fit the crime.