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Jan 25, 2019

On today's episode Jacob Shreffler and Bryan Christie join John to discuss the Schaeffer Cox case. If you aren't familiar with Schaeffer case and the egregious injustice he continues to suffer, then buckle up. This case is full of so much blatant FBI and prosecutor corruption that it will make your head spin.

My two guests know this case inside and out. Bryan Christie knew Schaeffer well before his arrest and is a personal friend. Jacob Shreffler has been interviewed multiple times about this case, including on Pastor Ernie Sanders radio program. Jacob is a minister of Jesus Christ. His research interests include the book of Genesis, common law theory, abstract algebra, and quantum field theory.

Be sure to check out all the links on Schaeffer's case. Don't be shy, go down the rabbit hole.

[1] Schaeffer Blog.
      Mini-documentary by J.B. Patterson
Selected Links and Court Documents
[3] Rudy Davis'
[4] Free Schaeffer youtube channel
[5] Larry Pratt, Atty Robert John and Terry Dodd discuss Schaeffer Cox. 
   (note: Schaeffer now suspects Terry Dodd of being an informant-provocateur.)
[6] Next News: Liberty Advocate Framed by FBI? - The Schaeffer Cox Story. Libertarian Michael Badnarick on Next News Network with Gary Franchi. 
[7] Amelia Duran. Porthole to Justice. The conspiracy to entrap Schaeffer Cox. Bryan Christie and Jacob Shreffler.
[8] Pastor Ernie Sanders interview. Part 1 and Part 2