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Apr 24, 2020

For today's show we have a very special episode. Welcome to the Recovery Through the Crisis Town Hall. John is joined by a very diverse group including professional wrestler Sean Waltman aka X-Pac, Christopher Dreisbach the addiction recovery advocate who made this all happen, a police chief, a district attorney, a doctor who is in recovery and a candidate for state rep who is in recovery. 

Today's panelists:

  • Sean Waltman aka X-Pac. Sean is best know for his days in the WWE. Sean shares his recovery story and how it's transformed his life in positive ways. 
  • Christopher Dreisbach is the CEO of BluePrints for Addiction Recovery and the man who brought this panel together. He is also co-founder of Second Chance PA, which is an interdisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals, law enforcement and government officials, advocates and citizens who are working to establish resources in favor of rehabilitation over incarceration.
  • Police Chief Ed Cunningham. He is the Borough of Elizabethtown Police Chief and co-founder of Second Chance PA! Chief is going to talk about being proactive during these times and all the ways law enforcement attitudes are shifting towards treatment over incarceration!
  • District Attorney of Lancaster County, PA Heather Adams! Lancaster's Law Enforcement leaders are continuing to make substance use and mental health resources accessible throughout (and beyond) the COVID crisis.
  • Dr. Matt Walukonis is the Owner and Managing Director of A New Life Sober Living. He is in long term recovery. Dr. Matt will speak to the challenges posed by social distancing in the addiction and mental health recovery communities.
  • John Padora is a powerhouse individual in long term recovery and is also running for state representative in his home district on a platform of battling the addiction crisis!