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May 27, 2021

Today on Finding Freedom Patrick Reasonover joins the show. Patrick is the - producer of a new, award-winning documentary They Say It Can't Be Done. In short, this film follows four revolutionary companies with the technology to cure global threats - unfortunately, government regulation is standing in their way.

Discussed in the film and on today’s show:

  • Hunger. Eat Just Inc. is using cell culture technology to grow real meat without killing animals or increasing emissions.

  • Climate change. Arizona State University scientist Klaus Lackner built a synthetic tree that sucks CO2 from the environment at 1,000 times the rate of a natural tree.

  • Ocean sustainability. Catalina Sea Ranch operates underwater farms that clean the ocean while producing superfoods.

  • Organ transplant shortage. Wake Forest's Dr. Anthony Atala is building artificial bladders from patients' own cells, potentially rendering waitlists for the organ obsolete.