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Apr 21, 2022

On the show today we are revisiting a case that has been talked about a lot on this podcast, the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State/Joe Paterno scandal. This means that the foremost expert on this case, John Ziegler, is back. The motivation to revisit this case was an ESPN E60 produced this week titled “The Paterno Legacy.” As per usual, ESPN got almost everything wrong and did zero journalistic work to uncover the massive amount of new information that has been uncovered in the last decade.

If you want to hear John Ziegler’s prior appearance you Finding Freedom (and Felony Friday) you can find the links below. Also, I HIGHLY recommend listening to his podcast series that dismantles the accepted narrative in this case titled With the Benefit of Hindsight.

FF 008 | Is Jerry Sandusky Innocent with John Ziegler

FF 014 | Could Jerry Sandusky be Innocent? A 2nd Interview with John Ziegler

FF 031 | John Ziegler Releases Emails Shedding New Light on Sandusky Penn State Scandal

FF 120 | John Ziegler | Newsweek Story was Primed to Destroy Media Narrative in the Sandusky Case

FF 279 | With the Benefit of Hindsight - John Ziegler Takes Down the Sandusky and Paterno Scandal

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